Friday, August 16, 2013

Manila Train Guide

So this is partly why I've been away from the blog so long.  As well as working on Elevator Joe with Erick Garayblas and my now semi-regular gig doing artwork for Prison Architect I've been working on a train guide to Metro Manila with Julius and his girlfriend Jean.

The whole idea started about a year ago, but had been percolating in my head for years.  You see, my wife and I love to travel, and thanks to budget airline Cebu Pacific we've been to places like Beijing, Shanghai, Busan, Seoul, Taipei, Osaka, Kyoto, Hong Kong, KL, etc.  Places that have excellent public transit and terrific guides to help you get around the city.  Everytime we would come back home we'd be frustrated at the terrible state of public transport.

I know I can't solve Metro Manila's transit woes, but I wanted to do at least one thing to contribute to better public transit.  So I decided to make a train guide for Metro Manila.  Other countries always have train guides, and Metro Manila's 4 train lines have none.  I pitched the idea to some friends and luckily I found a few like-minded souls to help me make this happen.  Now Manila has a train guide, albeit one that's incomplete and still needs tons of work.  Help us make it better by visiting and leaving us some feedback, liking our Facebook page, and following our Twitter feed.  This train guide is a band-aid we've plastered on the cancer that is public transit in Manila, but let's make it the best damned band-aid we can!

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