Party Animals

I'm working on a personal game project right now called Party Animals. It's an adorable political satire and strategy game about a fictional tropical island that's currently in the grips of election season. You play the role of a quiet mouse bureaucrat who is tired of being a rubber stamp and decides to run for president and shake things up! On your journey to the Kapitolyo you will raise campaign funds, conduct political sorties, make backroom deals with onerous owls, and generally test the moral limits of how far you're willing to go in order to become El Presidente.


In terms of gameplay, I'd describe what we're aiming for as a mix between Tropico for theme and a much simplified Nobunaga's Ambition for game mechanics. There will be two parts to the basic gameplay. One is the strategy part which is where you marshal your forces and plot out the districts in which you want to campaign your way to the presidency. Each district has its own personality and concerns, which help the player to decide which ones will respond most to campaign sorties.


Each district also has a Kapitan that represents the Kingmaker in that district. If you can sway the Kapitan to your side you will garner people's votes. You do that by doing the Kapitans favors. There is a risk/reward to this though. The Kapitans will not always ask for things that are technically legal, so it's up to the player to decide whether or not they're comfortable dealing with the Kapitans. The more dodgy things the player gets into, the more control the Kapitan has over the player, and the more likely a news reporter will find out about the players' bad behavior.


The game takes influence from a lot of different things like politics of the world and TV shows like the Wire, but it draws primarily on the Philippine political situation because both I and my co-developer Julius are Filipino and still live in the Philippines. One example of drawing from Philippine politics is that the player has the option to use entertainers to pump up the crowd if they feel like they're losing interest!

Development Status

We are very much in pre-Alpha right now. We're still refining the strategy design as well as porting the game into Unity (We previously used Loom). If you want to follow our progress please check out our devblog. If you want to chat us up on twitter you can get in touch with @RyanSumo or @tusongtupa.

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