The following are illustrations I've made for small publications in my first forays into illustration and concept art.  While i'm appreciative of the work they've given me, I want to continually work for bigger companies and projects, so hopefully this page will one day include illustrations for people like Fantasy Flight Games, Wizards of the Coast, and Alderac.  The rest of my illustration work can be found here, but here are some of the people I've worked with:

TripleAce Games

I created card art for TripleAce Games' newest product, Rocket Race!  Rocket Race! is a standalone card game set in their Leagues of Adventure franchise that has you pitting your wits against other Victorian gentlemen to be the first person to land a rocket on the moon.

Inkwell Ideas

I made a bunch of Monster Illustrations for Inkwell Ideas' Monster Stand-Ins, a Kickstarter project that was fully funded.  The Lich and the Dryad seen here are my favorites.

I have released some of my personal work as royalty free stock artwork under Misfit Studios.  Check it out if you need some artwork for your RPGs!

Knightvision Games

The bulk of my work for Knightvision has been spot illustrations of characters, and this cover art for one of their pathfinder modules.

Raging Swan

My work with Raging Swan has been primarily illustration items like the Horn of Valhalla seen as well as this map for the Bleak Moors region.