Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Free worldwide shipping and $5 off every art print!

I quietly put up some prints on Society6 last year in an effort to make some passive income from my urban sketching.  I figured this would be a neat way to subsidize our travel costs.  Unfortunately it takes a lot of marketing to actually make any real money off art prints, and since I didn't have time to spare I kind of just let my page languish.  Even then I've had a couple of sales here and there so it wasn't a total loss.  Since Society6 gave me this promotional code I figured it was high time to update the page with some fresh new sketches.

The sketches above are from our recent trip to Nagoya.  You can these sketches and more by checking out my Society6 page.  Please make sure to click THIS LINK to get free worldwide shipping and $5 off every item until December 14!