Saturday, October 19, 2013

High resolution Polaroids for Prison Architect

In the game Prison Architect there's a main story arc that introduces the player to the key components of running a prison.  In those story arcs PA's cartoony characters act out different scenes, while illustrations in the form of polaroids fall out of the sky to depict the same scenes in more realistic detail.  

For reasons of efficiency those polaroids have been drawn at pretty low resolutions, meaning they can't really be blown up and used for promotional purposes (say, in posters or possible boxed sets).  However since we had a bit of down time in terms of art needs Chris asked if I could redo some of our favorite polaroids to be hi-res. I jumped at the opportunity because some of those polaroids are at this point 2 yeas old, and reflect my skills as an artist back then (ie they look terrible to me now).  Giving them a fresh lick of paint made me feel a whole lot better.  We're not sure what these will turn into eventually, but it's possible that they might become prints or some sort of merch for fans. 

The image you see above of Edward (bit of trivia: Edward's character design was very much influenced by pre-Heisenberg Walter White) in cuffs should be familiar to anyone who's ever played Prison Architect.  The other two polaroids? I think I'll leave that open to speculation.