Monday, October 1, 2012

I,Zombie Promotional Art

I talked a few weeks ago about entering the ebook cover business and doing the cover art for "To Save The Realm".  That thread garnered a lot of interest from aspiring authors, including one particular author named Hugh Howey.  Now I must admit I had no idea who Hugh was before this, but after doing a bit of research it turns out he's kind of a big deal in the self publishing world.  His scifi series "Wool" did tremendously well and was picked up by Ridley Scott and 20th century Fox. That doesn't mean it'll get made into a movie but is still pretty awesome.  Hugh saw some of my previous work and was apparently impressed enough to throw some of Ridley Scott's cash my way to make some artwork for his new book, "I,Zombie".  The book's actually already been released and has a proper cover, but he said he wanted some promotional art, and just wanted me to do whatever the hell I wanted basically.  Hard to argue with that, so I sad yes and thank you.

Without spoiling too much, the book's about what life is like as a zombie, about the human mind being aware inside a body it can no longer control. It draws many disturbing connections between the actions of the zombies and our everyday actions as regular human beings.  As such, it may not be to the taste of people looking for a rough and tumble zombie book, but I personally found it an intriguing (I originally used the word enjoyable, but there are sections that really cannot be described as enjoyable to read through because of the subject matter) enough to read through in about a week.

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