Thursday, September 27, 2012

Prison Architect Alpha now Available!

I've been working on Prison Architect for a year and a half now, so it's great to finally see it out in the wild, even in alpha state.  Comments and reviews have mostly been positive, with the majority of naysayers complaining about the high price (something that I tend to agree with, though I understand Chris Delay's reasoning).  Regardless, at least one of each tier of this Kickstarter type launch has been bought, including the $1000 create a warden tier bought by Colin Northway.

If there are folks in the Philippines turned off by the high price, you might want to attend an art talk I am going to give next October on the art of Prison Architect.  We will be raffling off some free copies of the Alpha, and I'm hoping to tie that in somehow to a donation to prison reform in the Philippines.  No details yet, but stay tuned.  Till then, thanks to anyone who bought the Alpha, and I hope you like the game!

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