Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Earth Elemental Final

I actually  finished this guy a few days ago but I've been trying to avoid the computer because of a recent bout of stiff neck agony.  I'm feeling much better now though, so it's time to update the blog!

I'm starting to think that maybe monsters are my expertise.  Drawing people is hard, cause you have to make sure they look good, but monsters?  The uglier the better!  I think that there's a lot to like here, but I may have fudged the lighting in his torso area.  Too much lighting on the grassy bits makes him look like has a belly. I still have a lot to learn about controlling lighting.  

The frame around him was a last minute touch.  Joe Wetzel of Inkwell Ideas asked me if I could make a little watermark over the image since he plans to use it for minis and stock art.  I didn't want to just make a watermark so I put a tiny bit of effort into it and incorporated the miniature stand in idea into the image.  Like the werewolf, this image is being used to promote a Kickstarter project called Monster Stand-Ins.  Since that project is having a little difficulty getting funding, Joe started up another Kickstarter project called Monster Stock Art with a much lower funding threshold.  If you're interested at all in these Kickstarter projects or just like me enough to help me out (ha!) please do contribute to the projects.  Every dollar counts, and if they get funded that means more illustration work for me, yay! 

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