Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please Back the "Monster Stand-Ins" Kickstarter Project!

It's been a month since Joe Wetzel originally reached out to me and a bunch of outstanding artists to create monster artwork (The werewolf above is the artwork I submitted) for his Kickstarter project, "Monster Stand-Ins".  The idea behind the project is for D&D players to be able to use the stand-ins as replacements for much more expensive and bulky miniatures when playing their RPGs. What other problems do :Monster Stand-Ins" solve?
Shortage of Miniatures
  • Even if you have many miniatures, you may not have a specific creature.
  • Even if you have the right creature, do you have 10 of them? 
Cost of Miniatures
  • Metal miniatures cost $5 each (at best) and take time to paint.  Some people love to paint them, some do not.  Some people have time to paint them, some do not. 
  • Random packs of plastic miniatures still cost over $10 for a random pack of just 4 or 6 miniatures. Monster Stand-Ins will give you over 150 creatures for just $30. 
  • Easier to transport than two tackle boxes of regular minis.

This is really a thrill from me because if it all pans out it'll be one of my first illustrations (that I actually like) that will be printed out and seen by the general populace.  That fact that my work stands alongside such stalwarts as Jason Rainville and Eric Quigley is daunting but also exciting for me.  If you find yourself faced with these problems as a DM or a player or just feel like supporting me by way of helping make this project become a reality please have a look at the kickstarter page and support this project!

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