Monday, January 9, 2012

David Allcock and Eva Kuntz

Something I've taken to doing in movies is waiting for the credits to roll and listing down the names of the artists who took part in conceptualizing the film.  I take down production designers, art directors, concept artists, graphic artists, illustrators, storyboard artists.  Basically these are the names of people nobody else knows or recognizes but are integral parts of the creation of any movie.  I do this partly to recognize them for work but also to learn from them in case they have a blog hat I can visit.

For this movie, the blogs that I dug up were for David Allcock and Eva Kuntz (there's a joke there that I'm going to leave hanging).  Allcock is more my kind of guy, sort of an all around illustrator/concept/storyboard artist (it's his storyboard seen above), while Kuntz is rather adept at photomanipulation and photomontages.  I hope you enjoy poring over these blogs, and I'll try to update these as I watch movies in the coming year.

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