Monday, September 19, 2011

Urban Sketching : People of Taytay and Clark

For a change of pace (and since I've backloaded some of my old Urban Sketching posts here) I thought I'd post some recent sketches I did in the last few weeks.  The one above is a favorite of mine, one I did during my adventure into Taytay, Rizal to pick up my new Computer chair.  I must admit I was a bit annoyed at first at having to venture so far to pick up the chair but I ended up coming home with a much better chair than the one I wanted to buy, and I got a discount on it as well!  I sketched this dude having an after lunch siesta after my own lunch in Puregold grocery in Taytay.

This was sketched during the wedding of one of Aissas officemates in the Clark Area of Pampanga.  I figured if people were snapping away with cameras there would be nothing wrong with me sketching my surroundings.  There were a lot of little sketches here but I particularly like the one I did of a grandmother.  I felt like I'd managed to capture her look quite well, which was confirmed to me when Aissa saw the real life grandma and exclaimed "Oh, that's the grandma you drew!"

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