Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Art Musings : Abandoning Artwork

Sometimes when you embark on the piece for the wrong reasons it just never turns out right.  This was originally supposed to be an entry for the Creature of the Week challenge on, but I also wanted it to be a test for me to see how far i could take a piece that I hadn't really thought about.  Creating any kind of illustration or concept art for me is a long, drawn out process of thumbnails, composition sketches, lineart, rendering, and finally coloring.  The past few weeks that I've thrown myself into these challenges have been so exhausting I wanted to try just shitting something out without going through the entire process, and this is what I ended up with; an artwork that's just barely good enough for me to look at without cringing.  There lots of issues to be work out here, chiefly the area where the rider interacts with his mount. However since my heart's not in it and I don't have a client I'm responsible to I think I'll let this one go.

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