Sunday, September 11, 2011

Creature of the week WIP : Kangazelle

The topic for the CoW challenge on this week was to pick a fantasy race (elves, orcs, etc.) and conceptualize a war mount for them.  I actually didn't intend to join this week so I could take a break, but for whatever reason I ended up doodling and getting ideas and eventually I figured if I can finish this in a day or two, I might as well join the damn thing again.  I won't try to replicate the scale of Turtle Island again, that's for sure.  I wasn't feeling TOO creative, so when I came to the idea of a Kangazelle (half Kangaroo, half gazelle) I just decided to roll with it.   This is the sketch I cam up with while doodling yesterday, which I plan to develop a little further in the coming days.  This will be pure conceptual art, just enough to get an idea across but not necessarily a full fledged illustration.

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