Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creature of the Week #227 : Turtle Village

Long after the great cities of fire and smoke had been washed out by the sea, the remnants of humanity learned to once again live in harmony with their fellow creatures. Little hamlets sprung up on the backs of the giant sea beasts that thrived in the new environment travelling all around the globe, never calling a single place home.

Man, I had no idea what I wa in for when I tried to do this. I thought it would be a simple thing, without thinking of all the different textures I had to paint as well as the multiple lighting sources. I was just asking for trouble! I think I'll stick to something much easier next time to give myself a bit of a break.  I want to properly critique this and my recent work to help reinforce the stuff I'm doing right and wrong, but there's never any time!


  1. I wish you could've done a little more work on the clouds, but I know the feeling of not having enough time to add more polish to a piece. It's actually amazing how you can do this whole character-a-week thing.

  2. Yeah there's lots that I could fix here. After I get a little distance I'll probably go back in and fix it up and try to sell it as a print along with some other work. Right now though I'm really kind of sick of looking at it!

    Doing the "artwork a week" challenges is great cause it really forces me to hone in on the stuff that I want to work on and ignore what's superfluous or unnecessary.