Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Minor Blog Updates

Hi folks, just a little update to let you know some changes I've made to the blog.  I've removed the Personal Projects Page and replaced it with a Party Animals page.  Since Party Animals now occupies most of my personal project time it made sense to make the switch.  Party Animals is a deceptively cute political strategy game.  If any of that floats your boat why not read more about it on our devblog?

I'm also happy to say that some of my illustrations are now being sold as royalty free stock art by Misfit Studios and I've updated my illustrations page to reflect this.  They've actually been up there since January but since I finally made my first sale I thought I'd finally announce it here.  I've been thinking of selling stock art for quite some time now to satisfy the itch to draw and paint while earning a little extra cash on the side.  This will never be my primary income, but a couple bucks here and there sure can't hurt.

That's all for now, hope to have more updates soon!

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