Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The sketch above is one of the many converted merchant warehouses that line the canal district of Kurashiki. It's available as a print on society6, as well as other sketches I've made over the course of our travels.

Me: Kono densha wa, Kurashiki e ikimasu-ka? (Does this train go to Kurashiki?)
Train Attendant: Hai! (Yes!)
Me: Domo Arigato (Thanks.)
Another train rolls up on the platform behind us
Train Attendant: Her eyes widen slightly, then she points to the train behind us and says... &@(&(*$@! (Something in Japanese)
Me: Looks confused
Train Attendant: Thinks really hard, then...FASTER!
Me: OH! Jumps onto train with Aissa.

2013 was supposed to be like that train.  I'd switched trains to go faster that year.  Towards what end I'm not sure really, but I hoped it would at least put me in a better place to achieve whatever it was I put my mind to in 2014.  Unfortunately, the metaphorical fast train kind of derailed in the middle of the trip.  There were some small victories of course, like winning the "inclusive mobility" award in the transit app challenge. I traveled to Korea and Japan again, and met some cool indie devs in Singapore during Casual Connect Asia. My marriage continues to be rock solid, and Aissa has had some great things happen in her own career.  So while I can't say it was the best year of my life, 2013 was good year, albeit one that scarred and humbled me.  I cannot say that I'm optimistic about 2014, but at the very least I think I know what I want now, and I just have to figure out how to get there, even if it means taking the slow train.

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