Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good Bye Ryan Davis, and Thanks for the Memories

It's weird to shed a tear for someone you never really knew.  Ryan Davis was for all intents and purposes and imaginary friend blasting out of my speakers every week, chumming it up with the rest of the merry Giantbomb crew.  I have a term for these people, they are my "podcast friends".  They are the people that keep me company everyday and fill the frightening silence of a home office with laughter and chitchat that I could alternatively listen to and ignore.  They make my workday go by faster than it ever would under normal circumstances.

My journey with Giantbomb began with an ending.  They were guests during 1up yours' marathon last few shows before they would be broken up because of the sale of 1up to UGO.  Their infectious humor grabbed me from the start, and I needed a new podcast to ease the pain of losing the 1up podcast network.  It's been  almost 5 years since then.  5 years of weekly laughter and stories about an EVE Online peace treaty called "The Honda Accord" and figuring out just who would win, a T-Rex or 20 bears (bears win, but with terrible losses) and the dangers of accumulating arcade machines.  On his last podcast Ryan made a joke about possibly being crushed to death underneath an arcade machine, with him laughing merrily along with the rest of the crew about the sheer ridiculousness of the idea.  He missed the next podcast because he had just gotten married and was enjoying his honeymoon with his former fiancee (rhymes with Beyonce).  And then this.  He's gone.

Thanks for all the virtual laughs Ryan, you will be missed by me and all of the friend, both virtual and real, that you have made via your podcast.

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