Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vintage Travel Posters

I'm trying to coax myself to work despite having an awful stiff neck when I woke up this morning.  Not quite feeling it yet, so I'll put up my weekly blog post first.  I talked a little bit about vintage Travel ads when I made my own Hong Kong travel ad.  That led me down to a rabbit hole of vintage travel ads, and speculating about which ones I'd like to purchase.  My favorite travel ad so far is the one above, originally made for Japan National Railways.  This simple yet striking image incorporating the sakura blossoms and a 5 level pagoda (In Nara?) tells you all you need to know about exotic Japan.

Another Japan travel ad I like is by BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation).  I actually like quite a few of BOAC's posters, but this one by Frank Wooton (who ironically also produced propaganda posters during WWII) is superb, drawing you in with its detail and striking use of color.

This is another BOAC ad that I like, inviting travelers to visit "The Orient".  The orient in question looks like Thailand, Cambodia or Burma, based on the clothing and the temples in the background.  Once again the striking use of colors is what makes this BOAC piece stand out.  I also like the sharp, almost cartoony illustration of the vendor, which reminds me of the work of Pixar's Ronnie Del Carmen.

This poster of Les Ruines D'Angkor brings you right back to the early 20th century, when one had to take steamships across the oceans and railroads to get into the interior.  The exotic people in the foreground contrast with the peaceful and mysterious temple in the background, making this a visual feast for the eyes.

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