Thursday, November 29, 2012

Manila Central Post Office

Been a while since I went on an Urban Sketching jaunt with the Urban Sketchers Philippines group.  This meetup was tiny, just four of us hanging out an sketching, but at least we're keeping the monthly streak of meetups going.  While the main focus was the beautiful Manila Central Post Office, I was drawn to this shoe repair man fixing shoes underneath a palm tree.  You'd think that a random shoe shine repair guy in the middle of a small park would be out of place, but he was doing pretty brisk business, tending to at least three customers while I was around.

Here's the Central Post Office.  The sketch on top was made from behind some foliage, basically the only spot I could find with a seat and some decent cover from the burning sun.  The sketch on the bottom was actually taken from the opposite bank of the Pasig River, after I'd crossed to have lunch at "Sincerity Chicken".  It's a shame how little is being done to preserve and clean up the Lawton area (where the Post Office resides).  It really wouldn't take a lot of money to clean up the place and make it look more presentable and attractive to both local and foreign tourists.  Hopefully Manila's next mayor will do a better job at tourism and heritage conservation than the incumbent Alfredo Lim.

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