Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hong Kong Sketches

Tian Tan Buddha

Aissa and I came back from Hong Kong yesterday, and while I was there I had the opportunity to make a few sketches.  I have to say I didn't really think very highly of Hong Kong before, but after a few days there I think it's a pretty cool place, and I've added it to my list of "places I wouldn't mind living for a while."  Above is the Tian Tan Buddha on Lantau island.  We'd arrived maybe 30 minutes before closing time so I actually didn't even get to go around the Buddha's pagoda.  I just picked a spot and started sketching until closing time.  A couple of German tourists noticed and asked if they could take a picture, which was nice.  More sketches below.

Amateur performer playing Zheng on Avenue of the Stars

Man eating breakfast with his dogs

A Bridge in Hong Kong Park

Old Tram/Tourist info Center

Couple on Subway

Sampan Display in HK Museum of History

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