Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sneak Attack final

Barring any minor changes, I think I'm pretty much done with this remake of Sneak Attack.  I'm satisfied with how this turned out, though I know I have a long way to go.  I like the contrast of blues and reds that I used, although I'm still having a hard time handling color, especially when using color in a more abstract sense, ie to reflect a mood rather than reality.

I've posted the original card art next to my version for contrast.  You'll notice that it's got a similar layout, with ninjas in the foreground and their target in the background.  This wasn't intentional, but after thumbnailing for a while I just ended up back to that basic composition and decided not to mess with it.  The biggest change is in the color scheme.  I must admit I was a bit confused when I first saw this card.  I'm not wholly familiar with L5R (though maybe I should be) but in general I know that cards will have a certain color scheme that pertains to a clan's colors.  Similarly Magic:The Gathering's card art will have color schemes that match the element of the card that you're using.  At first I tried to stick with the original card's color scheme, a contrast between purple and yellow.  It looked okay, but when I laid the image over the card it didn't seem to work very well.

By playing with the hue and saturation levels in Photoshop, I arrived at a color scheme that I liked which matched the card's colors much closer.  Even though it was a bit of a departure from the original card art, I think that these colors look much better, and make the art much stronger.  Many thanks to Felipe Gaona for his valuable input into my work.  Now it's time to figure out what card to do next!

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  1. My only problem is the trees look too soft that they look like cotton in the thumbnail, but definitely better than the original art for that card.