Tuesday, February 21, 2012


After much preamble and numerous blog posts, I'm happy to finally announce Pintsized Production's first game, Traffix.  Pintsized Productions is the name Luis and I are calling our nascent "company", and Traffix is a not too clever portmanteau of "Traffic" and "Fix".  It's a simple traffic management game that actually looks nothing like the poster above, which I suppose should be explained.  

In the middle of production (ie a month into it) of Traffix, Luis showed me a sample of the game without any graphics.  It was essentially a bunch of squares traveling across straight lines.  I remarked that it looked similar to a Mondrian artwork, Broadway Boogie Woogie and suggested that we make a "Traffix Mondrian" version of the game as a lark and releasing it on Mondrian's birthday. Unfortunately, Mondrian's birthday is in the first week of March, so it really wasn't worth putting all that effort into something that would only really be understood by a couple of art nerds.  I still thought it was a cute idea, so I put together a mock release poster for Traffix, Mondrian style.  I may keep doing these for future games, just for fun.

If you actually want to see what the game looks like, please head on over to pintsized.co, where you'll find my hastily put together promotional blog, which will someday become a proper website.  In the meantime, there's a post there about our Pokki Traffix Challenge, in which we challenge you to get as high a score as possible in Traffix, and reward you with iOS games.  Please do try the Pokki version and join our challenge, and stay tuned for when we finally release Traffix on the iPad!

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