Sunday, February 12, 2012

Art in the (Salcedo) Park 2012

Quick weekend update folks.  I haven't been posting any urban sketching lately so i thought I'd throw this one up.  It's part of a series of vignettes I'm making for Art in the Park 2012 in Salcedo Park.  Urban Sketchers Philippines is setting up a booth and we'll all be showing off and selling some of our work.  I decided to go the vignette route because frankly I was afraid that my urban sketching would pale in comparison with the more accomplished folks in our group.  It's a good way to differentiate myself a little bit, and I also like the idea that people can try to craft a story around these vignettes (a story that isn't actually present, mind you), making them a little bit more "interactive".  Or at least that's my press release.

As an art exercise, it was also a good way for me to practice doing thumbnails/storyboards.  Some of these are rather more detailed than any thumbnail needs to be, but I am trying to focus on composition more than actual details.

I've been quite stressed about this all last month to be frank.  This is the first time I'm ever going to have my art on sale in a public space and the thought of not selling a single piece frightens me.  The fact that these things take a surprising amount of time to create (about 4 hours, give or take) given how simple they look means I'm spending a lot of valuable time investing in something that will have minimal returns (both monetary and emotional).  Oh well.  If no one picks these up by 12 midnight, walk on over to the Urban Sketchers booth and  I will give these to you for free, so at least I know they'll have a good home!

Art in the Park is happening on February 18, 2012 in Salcedo Park in Makati from 2pm to 12am.  Please visit the Urban Sketchers booth to check out our work and maybe pick up a piece or two, and maybe even join our non-exclusive group!

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