Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Princess of Mars Art Order Challenge (Update)

It's been a rough couple of weeks.  I know I've been slow to update this week, and a lot of that is because I've been busy with my current project (which I'm itching to announce) and also because my sister has just arrived with her family after a decade away from the Philippines so I'm hanging out with her and my niece and nephew, whom I've never met in real life before.

But I've also been battling a strange emotional roller coaster with my art career.  It's too long and involved for me to go into detail right now but I know it's been affecting my motivation to create new artwork, which really sucks.  One casualty may be my "A Princess of Mars" Art Order challenge entry.  The image above is what I've gotten so far, and is likely about as far as I'll go with it.  I'm going to be in Batangas for the next few days relaxing on the beach with my family, so that cuts heavily into any more time that I could spend on this.  Even if I weren't going, I haven't exactly been jumping at the opportunity to work on this like my previous artworks, often I'll make a few desultory brush strokes and then walk of or surf the net for a bit.  It's a very unsettling feeling, and I'm hopeful my beach trip will help recharge me a bit.

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