Friday, November 11, 2011

Animahenasyon 2011

Animahenasyon is the biggest local animation conference in the Philippines, and has been going strong for the past 5 years.  This year's event brings quite a few interesting talks for anyone interested in entering the animation industry.  I must admit I don't know all of the people who will be speaking at this year's conference, but there will be speakers from countries like Japan (Jun Awazu) and companies like Cartoon Network ( Silas Hickey ).  The talk I'm most interested in attending is the one by Caravan Studio, since they create concept art and CCG art, which are the things that I'd like to eventually be doing in the future.  Unfortunately it turns out they'll be speaking at about the same time that my sister's family and I will be at the beach (She's visiting fro the US and I'm seeing my niece and nephew for the first time).  It's a shame, but I'm sure there'll be even better speakers next year.

To get more info about Animahenasyon you can check out their website or download this pdf.

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