Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gobelins Master Class on Character Animation

Just a heads up for anyone in Manila interested in learning more about animation concepts.  The Gobelin L'ecole De l'image Master Class on Animation will be holding a workshop in the DeLasalle CSB campus from October 20-22.  Alexandre Heboyan, an artist who has worked on Dreamworks Animation movies like Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs Aliens, will be the guest speaker.

I'm not actually interested in a career in animation per se, but some animation principles can obviously extend into still illustrations.  The schedule is below, with emphasis on the classes I'm intersted in attending:

Day 1 My Personal Approach for Organizing a Character Animation Sequence
- Getting in a creative mode
- The right method to walk through the animation process
- Key principles of animation

Day 2 How to Bring Life to Your Character
- Bringing expressions out of body articulations
- Breaking down facial features
- Lipsynch method

Day 3 Locomotion and Weight
- How to approach a walk cycle
- Each walk is unique
- Perfect your action scenes

If you're interested check out their Facebook event page or get in touch with Ms. Carla Ting at or call 09273810745 Globe/ 0933-313-31-30 Sun.

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