Saturday, September 24, 2011

Character of the Week # 258 : Chess (Pieces) WIP3

Here's an inset of how far I've gotten into this image because I think a lot of detail is lost when resizing to fit the blog.  To the left you can see the palette I use to pick out colors when I'm using an overlay layer to color in the monochrome image.  Once I'm happy with the basic colors and flatten the image I'll end up picking colors from the image itself, but in the meantime this gives me a ready color scheme to draw from.  One of the weaknesses of this design is that the armor is rather boring looking, so I try to remedy that with some armor accents.  I try to keep these minimal since this is theoretically "battle" armor, so I use simple geometric shapes, basically stylized L-shapes to tie the character back to the knight chess piece.

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