Friday, September 30, 2011

Character of the Week # 258 : Chess Knight

This is my final entry for last week's Character of the Week Challenge.  Actually "entry" isn't quite right because I didn't manage to finish on time, meaning I wasn't able to submit this for voting.  It's hard to appreciate the detail in this one without seeing it larger, so click on the image to zoom in.  I've also included a close up of the face below.  I think I'm going to call it quite on these weekly challenges for now.  They're just a little too stressful and time-consuming now that I'm working on game projects again.

I haven't given up my illustration dreams though, and I'll continue learning and working on my illustration skills over the next few months.  I'm actually going to set some goals publicly in the hopes that it'll both force me to commit to working on my skills and also to help others who are interested in getting into the illustration biz by learning from both my successes and failures.  Boy am I going to regret this.

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