Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beijing Day 2: The People of the Temple of Heaven

Day 2 of our Beijing trip was spent wandering around the park area of the Temple of Heaven and going into the temple complex itself.  It’s a huge complex, and we only saw about a quarter of it.  The scene above was sketched while we were taking shelter from the rain in one of the walkways leading up to the temple.This sketch was drawn in another walkway that surrounded a Cherry blossom garden.  An old Chinese man as playing some beautiful music on what I now know is an Erhu.  I wanted to give him one of the sketches but I was a little too shy (and also not satisfied with how the sketch looked) to do so.
After the temple of Heaven we went to the National History Museum just outside the Temple of heaven’s West Gate to check out some dinosaur fossils.  Shame I didnt’ think to sketch there, I guess I was just overawed at the size of the fossils that they had.  In any case my last sketch of the day was at a cafe we found while looking for the nearest subway station to go back to our hotel.

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