Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Regina Building, Escolta Street

Almost forgot my Tuesday post, that’s how crazy this day was, what with massive rainstorms and traffic jams and buses falling off highways.  Good thing I have a ready sketch to put up!  Had a sketchcrawl with the Urban Sketchers Philippines group last Saturday, touring Escolta street in Manila and sketched the Regina building.  On Escolta:
At the far end of Escolta is one of the most beautiful streetscapes in the city with two breathtaking pre-World War II buildings facing each other: the Regina Building and the Perez-Samanillo. The former has a neo-Classical air akin to the government buildings in New Delhi. The latter is a masterpiece of Philippine Art Deco architecture. It was designed by Juan Luna’s son, Andres Luna de San Pedro. One can detect in this splendid edifice touches of Angkor and even Meso-American motifs.

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