Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Concept UI for a Space Shooter Game

The title of this post are the exact words I was told to use when posting this UI work on my blog.  Obviously the rest of this post will be teases and riddles so feel free to stop reading now if that kind of stuff annoys you.
About 2 weeks before our honeymoon in Japan I was contacted by a company for an opportunity to work on the UI for a franchise that I’d loved for a long time.  Maybe it’s more accurate to say it was the franchise’s blockhead kid brother, but it was still a pretty cool opportunity.  The game has been released on Facebook, and it’s a pretty simple affair, where you’re tasked with certain missions (ie shoot some stuff), pick up cargo, upgrade your ship, then proceed to the next mission.
The Social aspect of the game comes through being able to show off your best ships and comparing them with your friends’ via Facebook.  I had to remove the sample ship and components from this screen because it would make things too obvious, but hopefully you get the idea.
At this point people who know me and know pop culture in general probably have an inkling what the franchise I’m talking about is (if you do, please keep it to yourself to keep me out of trouble!).  Unfortunately even if you did figure it out and found the game that I worked on, you won’t be able to see any of this concept UI come to life.  It was never clarified to me why, but it’s easy enough to pin the blame on ridiculously tight deadlines forcing the developer to pare down their original ideas into something much simpler.  I was understandably disappointed to find this out after getting back from my honeymoon, but that’s just the way the creative industry works sometimes.

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