Friday, March 4, 2011

Osaka Sketches

Aissa and I just flew in from our honeymoon in Japan, and while I’m too tired to work or upload pics, I can upload a few sketches of what turned out to be my most productive sketching in the past few months.  Above you can see some sort of guard tower or outer building by the outer moat of Osaka Castle.  It was my first view of a real live Japanese castle, so while it was nowhere near the castle itself  I had to plunk myself down and sketch it.  I started using my Penang brush pen to create water effects and add more depth to the sketch, something which I’ll expand on in later sketches.
Up next are two quick sketches from a pond near the castle, and the castle itself.  If you’re wondering what those stamps are, it turns out Japan is big on rubber stamps, and most places you go to will have a stamp commemorating the fact that you were there.  This gave me 1) a neat graphical element to play with in my sketchbook and 2) a motivation to draw something out of every place that I had a stamp of.
Last is a couple of quick sketches of people around Dotonbori in Osaka, where we had some great Okonomiyaki and some crepes.  You won’t see many food sketches in our Japan trip, just because the food looked and tasted so good that once it was set in front of us we gobbled it down right away.

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